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Unrar utilities in Debian Etch

I have not had any success of using ‘unrar-free’ application to extract any encrypted .rar file. After spending time googling, I found out that I should use the non-free version instead. However, a basic installation of Debian Etch does not … Continue reading

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Java programming: Backslash vs. Forward slash and Windows vs. Linux

I usually work in Windows OS for my computer at home and use Linux for another computer at school. An annoying issue is that when I develop a Java application that reads a file or writes something into a file, I have to switch between forward slash and backslash … Continue reading

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Maximize jFrame size on startup using Netbeans IDE 5.5.1

I usally use Netbeans IDE for my Java application development. When I design my application GUI, I like to have my main GUI to be automatically maximized to the full Computer screen. I mean that the width and height of the … Continue reading

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Literature reading: A semantic approach for mining hidden links from complementary and non-interactive biomedical literature

Hu X., Zhang X., Yoo I., Zhang Y., A Semantic Approach for Mining Hidden Links from Complementary and Non-interactive Biomedical Literature, in the 2006 SIAM Conference on Data Mining, pp. 200-209, Bethesda, Maryland, April 20-22, 2006 If I think about … Continue reading

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