IEEEtran class

Just a short note for people who are writing a paper using Latex template from IEEE. If you have a problem formatting your paper, you may be able to find the answers from this great web site:

For example, I have a problem that the caption of a figure is not centered, although the figure itself is centered. I was using exactly the latex code from the IEEE template. If I added \usepackage{caption}, the figure’s caption was then centered but there was an extra word “figure” on the next line after the figure. Besides, the caption of other entities such as a table was changed.

The solution is to put “\centerfigcaptionstrue” before the \caption command as illustrated by an example below. Note that I am using IEEEtran.cls version 1.6. 

\caption{The is the caption of MyFigureFileName.}

Well, just in case if you are looking for a journal other than IEEE, here is a good link :

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