Install Opera Web Browser 9.64 on Debian Lenny AMD64 Using Synaptic Package Manager

As far as I know, there are three ways to install Opera 9.64 64-bit on Debian Lenny AMD64.

  1. Using .deb package downloaded from
  2. Using .tar.gz package from
  3. Using Synaptic Package Manager

I have tried the (2) approach and encountered some dependency problems such as missing libraries. The (1) approach should be installed without any problem with the following command.

> dpkg -i opera*.deb

In this blog, I describe the (3) approach. Since the opera web browser is not included in the default packages, to begin the installation process I need to add an additional repository. According to this link, I, as a root, edit the sources.list file in the /etc/apt directory by adding the following line.

deb lenny non-free

Then, I open the Synaptic Package Manager, click on Reload to load the opera package. Next, I use the search function to search for the opera package. If there is nothing wrong, there is one opera package. So, check the box and click install. That’s it.

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