Wireless Internet Connection on Sony Laptop VGN-NR160E

With Debian Lenny AMD64 on my Sony VGN-NR160E laptop, the wireless Internet connection is not working from out of the box installation.

Fortunately, I found solutions from the following Debian user forum. I tried a solution on that forum and it worked. So, I’d like to share this experience.

I have a dual boot, Windows Vista and Linux Debian Lenny. I do not have a wired Internet connection, and my wireless connection does not work. So, I have to reboot into my Windows Vista and download the following five Debian packages from Debian repository.

  • wireless-tools
  • wpasupplicant
  • firmware-iwlwifi
  • libnl1 (required for network-manager)
  • libnm-util0 (required for network-manager)
  • dhcdbd (required for network-manager)
  • network-manager
  • network-manager-gnome

I saved these packages in my thumb drive and reboot into Debian Lenny.
Then, I become root and install the packages above with the following command.
>dpkg -i wireless-tools.deb wpasupplicant.deb firmware-iwlwifi.deb network-manager.deb network-manager-gnome.deb

After the installation, I restart the machine again and reboot into Debian Lenny.
Now, I clicked on the network manager on the top right corner of the screen. Here it was, I found a list of available wireless Internet connection.

So, good luck. For more information, see the Debian user forum link above.

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