Drupal 7 (RC2): How to create a customized front page.

In this blog, I briefly describe a procedure for creating a customized Drupal front page. It’s just a series of steps of what to do, not a detailed how-to.

  1. Get into the theme directory: $Drupal7_Home/sites/all/themes/danland, where “danland” is the theme name.
  2. Copy and paste page.tpl.php into the same directory as it already is.
  3. Rename the copied file to page--front.tpl.php. Notice that there are two dashes.
  4. Change whatever you’d like to do for your customization in the page--front.tpl.php. For example, for a testing purpose, I change the phrase “Theme by” at the bottom of the page to “Developed by”.
  5. Clear Drupal caches:
    1. Open a web browser and point the address to your Drupal homepage such as http://localhost/drupal7
    2. Log into your Drupal homepage as administrator.
    3. Click on “Configuration”
    4. Then, under the “Development” section, click on “Performance”
    5. Finally, click on “Clear all caches”.
  6. Refresh your Drupal homepage, the “Theme by” at the button of the homepage should be changed to “Developed by”.

Let’s try to customize Acquia Marina theme as I explain in this blog.

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10 Responses to Drupal 7 (RC2): How to create a customized front page.

  1. TIM says:

    Thanks for explaining now to “How to create a customized front page.”


  2. m16u31 says:

    Thanks you.

  3. notfair says:

    Hi, being searching for this method. It’s really helpful. Thank.

  4. Shane says:

    Thanks for the Help. Exactly what I was looking for,

  5. Ali says:

    it doesn’t work for default “Seven” theme

  6. Don says:

    You can also add “if this isn’t the front page” to the default page.tpl.php, to avoid having to update two tpl files:

  7. Rahul says:

    Thanks that was the solution of my problem..

  8. Jon Kempf says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I struggle with Drupal daily and this actually helped me.

  9. hardeep says:

    hey its usefull admin.. guddd…

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