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Setup WEKA and LIBSVM for WEKA in Debian Etch

When we try to use LIBSVM through WEKA, we might encounter the problem of libsvm.jar not in the classpath. Here, I’d like to describe how to set up Weka and LIBSVM for weka. 1) Download from, and unzip … Continue reading

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Installation of JDk1.6.0_04 X64 on Debian Etch AMD64

1) Download jdk1.6.0_04 x64 version for Linux from 2) Add executable permission to the current user. >chmod u+x jdk-6u4-linux-amd64.bin 3) Install the software >./jdk-6u4-linux-amd64.bin The JDK will be installed in the current working directory as jdk1.6.0_04. Therefore, if we … Continue reading

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Net installation of Debian Etch AMD64 R2 on Sony Laptop VGN-NR160E

Installation environment: – Sony laptop VGN-NR160E – Qwest DSL – Dual boot with Windows Vista Home Edition Problems encountered during normal installation: – Network configuration failed during the installation. The installer cannot properly detect Marvell Yukon 88E80039 Ethernet card Below … Continue reading

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Unrar utilities in Debian Etch

I have not had any success of using ‘unrar-free’ application to extract any encrypted .rar file. After spending time googling, I found out that I should use the non-free version instead. However, a basic installation of Debian Etch does not … Continue reading

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MySQL installation in Debian Etch

After I setup a web application server, I would like to use a database for storing my data. MySQL is a free open source software that I am familiar with. For flexibility, I choose to install the binary non-rpm tar.gz … Continue reading

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Emacs 21 and JDE (JDEE) Installation in Debian Etch

To install JDE or JDEE or Java IDE for Emacs, it is easier to do it through Synaptic package manager than to manually install the package by following instructions on the JDEE web site ( However, we need to add … Continue reading

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Opera web browser: Slow browsing problem in Linux

The problem is that ipv6 is automatically turned on for some reasons during the installation such as in Ubuntu 7.04. Since Opera is still not working on ipv6 but it has to use ipv6 first and then ipv4, that’s why the browsing … Continue reading

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